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The European Badminton Championships is a tournament organized by the Badminton Europe (BE).
 The first of these competitions was held 
in 1968.
The competition is held once every two years to determine the best badminton players in Europe.

City info

Kharkov (also Kharkiv) is the second largest city in Ukraine. Located in the northeastern region of Ukraine, it nowadays has a population of over 1,500,00 inhabitants.

 Although its history reaches back to the Bronze Age, Kharkov was founded as a city in 1654.

 The City industry today specializes mostly in machinery and since there are hundreds of industrial companies in the city, it is not surprisingly that the city also represents an important transportation centre of Ukraine.

Sport has always been strong and popular in Ukraine and Kharkov, with special emphasis but not limited to football, so no surprise that Kharkov became one of the sites that are going to host Football Championship EURO 2012.

 Kharkiv university is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, established in 1805.

The city otherwise has 13 national universities and several other institutions of higher education.